by Luis Kramer, Laura Dehne, Felix Pioch, Leon Börsenhardt, and Sarah Drach

Our project addresses several challenges facing Homo sapiens in the 21st century. The overexploitation of our planet puts us in a very threatening situation in which we are about to lose our natural environment. The human being who increasingly no longer sees himself as part of nature and his environment, but is alienated in a way. As masters of invention, our cultural evolution has taken us through exponential growth into a world of technology that is no longer easy to comprehend. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play in our project. Winded into a fictional game in which technology has taken the lead and nature can be developed under supposedly ethical aspects, the human freedom of decision is questioned. Another aspect that we have focused on in our project is to grow beyond our very binary way of thinking. Decisions and developments are complex and often only successful in a creative, multi-layered and queer way.