A short diary of multi-species encounters

by Anna Lina Litz

“What can I notice if I pay attention to encounters with other beings in my own daily life for a week?” Based on this question I decided to keep a diary of encounters for a week, noting what other beings I would meet and the spontaneous associations I would have about them. As a way of playing with the concept of the “art of attentiveness“, I also created collage-like drawings of some of the encounters, mixing text and images. The project is by nature rooted in my own point of view, in what I saw and heard and felt in a number of moments, and in that stays somewhat deliberately naive and very small in scope. Nonetheless, its future visions are lively and inhabited by all manner of other beings which I have yet to notice, and it is an invitation to reflect on all the ways in which we find ourselves, at all times, in a world shared with a multitude of others.