The Voice

by Sara Meyer

The voice, a way of connecting and communicating. Also, an act of power and healing. Through it we are able to speak out our emotions, our moods, and project to others our state of mind. The voice is individual, it is framed upon pitch and speech but it is also bound to language. We express ideas and share knowledge, we can heal through song and sound, and we can also be silent. Inherently with this there arise questions of structural hierarchies of power; Which narratives hold power? Whose voices are heard? Whose voices are not? This project attempts to capture elements, discourses, and symbolisms that can be understood within the concept of the Voice, some as mentioned but also drawing on dimensions of multispecies and more than human relations. A flower, out of the mouth of the main figure, becomes the facilitator of images, a choice that directly hopes to signify an act of empowerment to the natural world and the ability it holds to communicate and connect, again which transcends that of human language and the voice.