Elisa Balmaceda (she/her) is a media artist, teacher, and experimental researcher based in Concepción (Chile). She currently teaches on the Art & Ecology LAB, an experimental platform she created at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the Universidad de Concepción.


Jens Benöhr (he/him/riverling) is a Chilean anthropologist, writer, and editor dedicated to environmental education and science communication. He is editor of Endemico, an art and environment magazine, and volunteers at the River Collective network —a group of river nerds and conservationists— as a cosmic networker.


Kara Lena Virik (she/her/they) is an urban researcher, creative, and landscape architect based in Berlin, Germany. She currently works at the ZtG (Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies) at the Humboldt Universität.

Mia Stockenreiter (she/her) is an aquatic ecologist and works with spanning small organisms called plankton. Besides research, she is very involved in teaching, because she firmly believes that only through knowledge different scientific disciplines can be connected to get a holistic understanding of our environment.

Gesa Lüdecke (she/her) is the director of the Graduate Programs at the Rachel Carson Center. She has worked at universities in Germany and the US in the field of environmental psychology and communication and executed the climate campaign "München Cool City" in Munich.

Mauro Andrés (he/him) is a graphic designer and typographer, focused on lettering, illustration and editorial design. He is usually working on graphic identity projects and many logos for various projects related to ecology, beer, cannabis and food.

Constanza Fuenzalida (she/her) is a graphic designer and web developer based in Chile.

Cristian Toro Ulloa (he/him) graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the Universidad del Biobio and works as a graphic artist. He currently is an art director at Toda la Teoría del Universo Cultural Center, and Endemico Magazine. His personal work focuses on illustration, contemporary graphic arts and self-publishing of fanzines. www.estudiotoro.cl