The thinkers and makers taking part in the QVSE Seminar came together to experiment with creative ideas brewed over the course of the 6 weeks in a final workshop. Each group of students shared ideas spanning across queer, sentient, and visionary perspectives to develop and form new projects of their own. After open rounds of feedback and exchange, each group finalized their ideas for the launch of this online exhibition.

Growth: a sentient ecology game

by Jule von Berg, Maya Nagaraj, Rebecca Stephens and Sarah Theimer

the forest

by Ramona Frank and Maya von Ahnen

ai visions

by Saphira Schroers, Anastasia Grekova, and María Consuelo Pino


by Eda Gültekin, Gökçe Doğu, and Lilly Benedikt

queer mycology ✨

by Emily Pichardo Wojtyna


by Luis Kramer, Laura Dehne, Felix Pioch, Leon Börsenhardt, and Sarah Drach