This fanzine is the result of a five-session seminar at the Rachel Carson Center in Germany during the 2022 Summer Semester. We, as participants of the seminar, explored decolonial perspectives on the ecologies we inhabit in a damaged planet. We researched specific cases of ecological colonialism,  highlighted power relations and epistemic violence related to species, ecosystem or geographies from different places in the world with their pre-colonial names and/or narratives. These mini-case studies served as an exercise of decolonial practice —which have been collected to create this zine.

We hope this editorial piece opens up a little space for critical reflection and exchange to dismantle power imbalances entangled within sciences that we engage with today. Decolonization of knowledge begins by acknowledging and examining the historical mechanisms of knowledge production and its ethnocentric foundations. We invite you to dive into this Zine to explore how new/old/timeless narratives can embrace liberating and visionary ecology frameworks.